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2013 LIVE Updates - USA 5 km Championships - Official Website

USA 5 km Championships
hosted by CVS/pharmacy Downtown 5k


The 2013 USA 5 km Championships will be run Saturday September 22 in Providence, RI at 11:15 AM ET. USARunningCircuit.com will have live text updates of the races and on-demand video later in the day. Follow the action below in the comments!

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15 comment(s)
Molly Huddle is your USA 5 km Women's champion pulling away from Emily Infeld in the final 100. We'll have the race highlights up later today. #usarc
Bumbalough is your USA 5 km Champion, pulling away from Braun (2nd) and Teg (3rd), we'll have the race up later today. #usarc
Braun is charging hard before the final turn #usarc
Scott Bush
Infeld, Pappas and Huddle still battling in the top three through 2 mile #usarc
Teg, Braun and Bumbalough now pulling to the front for the men #usarc
Women hit the mile at 4:53, with Huddle and Infeld leading, Maier, Pappas, Spence Gracey in the pack #usarc
9:02 at the Mile 2 mark, the whole field is wide right now, 15 guys in this including all the favorites. #usarc
"Team JS" leading the charge for the American men here at the 5 km Champs, everyone still in it #usarc
Scott Bush
Women hit the mile at 4:53, with Huddle and Infeld leading, Maier, Pappas, Spence Gracey in the pack #usarc
4:25 at mile one for the American's with Braun and Bumbalough leading it. #usarc
Scott Bush
Women's race is off! It's Huddle v. Infeld v. Spence Gracey (and a handful of other top five contenders) #usarc
60 seconds to the start of the USA 5 km championships #usarc
How's the weather conditions for a 5K today at 1115 EST?
It just got done raining, but ok now for the start.
Scott Bush
It's right around 60 degrees with little-to-no wind
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